Gakubuti S

A leather tray designed to look like a picture frame, a tool for protecting and decorating items that are placed with care.
The thickness and weight of the layered nume floor leather, the cut work and delicate goatskin leather flexibly follow the tiers that resemble a picture frame.

You can display your favorite things in your store or at home, and put them where you can see them.
The leather tray S size is like a small plate on which you can place small worlds one by one.

Aniline-finished goatskin has dense fibers and a light finish. 
Thanks to its fine and deep grain, scratches and other defects are hardly noticeable, and its luster will increase.

Custom orders can be made to order, and initials and other information can be stamped in foil.
This item is also a great gift.

French goat leather ・Crispati
Made in Japan 
Size (approx.): H6 W6 D1

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