Thank you from bottom of my heart

We met one customer in 2017.
After that, he stopped by every time we had an exhibition, and we had a lot of communication, including Yoda stories, such as about the rebranding work he was involved in as art director when he was working for a company, about our work such as how we could make Yatagai's works look better, and even invitations for fun such as "I found this delicious food, so let's go there next time. We also talked about our work, such as how we could make Yatagai's work look better, and even invited her to go out with us next time because we had found such a delicious food.
We discussed with Megumi Iwata about how we wanted to improve other aspects of VALLEYSHELL besides its products to better convey its appeal, and the logo and website renewal project with her came to fruition in 2021.
We were overwhelmed by the amount of work we had to do, and of course we did not have a large budget. Therefore, with the help and kindness of many professionals, we were able to complete the project.
There must have been many times when I irritated the professionals with my amateurish and off-the-mark questions. I loosened up a little more than usual on the intensity of my commitment, and fully enjoyed the fun and dependability of leaving the work to someone in the field, and the pleasure of being able to make it happen because I was working together with someone else.
Thanks to you, we now have a place that we can proudly show to our customers, and I myself am very happy and reassured that we have completed a home to which I can always return.
Now that the house is complete, here is the beginning.
We will continue to value our offline exhibitions, where you can see our products in person, as always, but we will also take advantage of the wonderful aspect of civilization that is the Internet, and create opportunities for even more people to view our products.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have been involved in this project and to Bit2Byte Fukui Inc. for their cooperation in the construction of the website.
2022.09.01 VALLEYSHELL Ryoko Yatagai